Management System

Qualifications & Certificates 

Shanghai Conrad Building Services Ltd has been managed under high standard and unique international management framed by Polyking Services Ltd from Hong Kong. Under the strict compliance with ISO9001/14001 Quality Certification System Standards, the company strive for perfection in Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Work Safety with international standards. Related certificates listed as below: 

3A Quality Service Integrity Enterprise

3A Quality and Trustworthy Units

3A Integrity Management Demonstration Unit

3A Service And Credit Units

3A Honest Supplier

3A Units that Abidle by Contracts and Keep Good Faith

3A Enterprise Credit Rating

3A Corporate Advisory Rating

Qualification Level Certificate of China Cleaning Indusrty – Property Cleaning Management 

Qualification Level Certificate of China Cleaning Indusrty – High-Level Cleaning

Qualification Level Certificate of China Cleaning Indusrty – Textile Cleaning and Maintainence

Qualification Level Certificate of China Cleaning Indusrty – Pest Control

Qualification Level Certificate of China Cleaning Indusrty – Stone Cleaning and Maintainence 

Council Member of Cleaning Services Suppliers Council

Member of Shanghai Trade Association of City Appearance and Environmental

Qualification Level Certificate of China Cleaning Indusrty – National 1st Level Certification

Business License

Quality Assurance

Our company has established a system to manage customer relationship according to ISO9001 “Procedures of communication” and “procedures of complaints “which listed as below:

– Regular meeting with clients 
– Regular evaluation with customers to maintain communication
– Customers can contact our operations department through our 24 hours hotline to give feedback and complaints. 

“6-Checking” System

To implement the authority and responsibility on “Quality Manual” of ISO system and ensure to proceed the quality assurance system effectively, our company have established “6-Checking”system as below: 


In order to achieve self-recognition of hygiene, all staff should implement the self-checking system.

(P.S. Self-checking before, during and after work at least once of every shift)


Also known as “mutual checking”. In order to achieve “specific responsibility” system, all staff should check with the corresponding shift to ensure the quality of work. Staff should invite other workers to review the quality of work if there is no corresponding shift for mutual checking. When there is transferal or new arrival of staff, the previous staff should perform a handover and quality review. 

(P.S. Double-checking when work shifting, and keep daily records)


Also known as “Supervision checking”. In order to strengthen on-site management and solve problem in a timely manner, superior staffs (e.g. manager, foreman, supervisors) would carry out inspection on the quality of work regularly.

(P.S. Keep daily summary records with signatures of on-site supervisor)


Refers to the checking by the quality assurance department from head office. In order to strengthen thee supervision and management to on-site operations, Quality Assurance Department is established to carry out monitoring and management on quality of operations. Evaluation would be carried out on-site regularly without notice by related staffs, on-site supervisor and inspector from Quality Assurance Department. Records of Self-checking, Double-checking and Regular-checking would also be evaluated. 


Refers to the participation of joint inspection with clients. In order to consolidate and enhance the quality of work, managers would carry out on-site evaluation irregularly (At least once monthly)(Untimely inspection which requires multi-confirmation from managers) 


Refers to the diversified inspection and evaluation lead by General Manager in order to ensure the thorough implementation of Quality Assurance System. 

Customer’s Feedback


The procedure is designed to provide a guideline for handling feedback and complaints in order to ensure the efficient response rate, quality of work and satisfaction of customer.


 Suitable for all types of inspection work within company.


Customer Service Department would be responsible for following up and recording feedback from customer; Quality Assurance Department would be responsible for tracking and verifying the solutions and results. 

Safety Program

With reference to guidelines and standard by the government Shanghai Conrad Building Services Company Limited established occupational safety and health policies. According to different projects, our company carry out regular training and education sections in order to enhance the safety and health awareness of employees. 

Sustainable development

Shanghai Conrad Building Services Ltd has created an all-rounded quality assurance structure and system by establishing sustainable cooperation with well-known materials and equipment suppliers; developing a detailed manpower management system, quality control system and back-up plans; maintaining various branches of professional team with skillful employees in different major cities, our company is equipped with sustainable ability to further development the business capacity.