Scope of Work

Overall review 

In order to satisfy our customers, Shanghai Conrad Building Services Company Limited provides a diversity of cleaning services which includes:

  • Industrial and commercial buildings and offices Cleaning
  • Residential Estates Cleaning 
  • Floor Wax Polishing / Buffing / Marble Crystallization / Restoration
  • Carpet shampoo and protection
  • High-level Cleaning
  • In-house cleaning services
  • High Pressure Cleaning

Service Introduction

Industrial and commercial buildings and offices Cleaning

Our skillful workers will provide professional cleaning services to all industrial, commercial buildings and shopping malls by using advanced equipment to ensure high quality of work. Apart from the daily cleansing works, we also provide curtain walls cleaning and protective treatment as required.

Residential Estates Cleaning 

Based on the scale of the estate and the habitation of the residents, we will deploy adequate manpower and use different cleaning equipment and proper materials to compete the scheduled cleansing works satisfactory as required by clients.

Floor Wax Polishing / Buffing / Marble Crystallization / Restoration

After the floor is used for a period of time, the wax surface will wear out and lose its lustre. We provide waxing or polishing services to make the floor surface bright. We also use advanced stone care equipment and professional technology to effectively handle the crystallization or refurbishment procedures of various stone (such as marble, linen, etc.), so that the stone maintains brightness and achieves moderate maintenance.

High Pressure Cleaning

We provide a number of high-pressure machines and water trucks with high pressure system for cleaning the exterior of buildings, road and car parks. By conjunction with different kind of chemicals, the high-pressure system would help to remove the dirt in more efficient way

Carpet shampoo and protection

The carpet cleaning and anti-fouling service provided by our company can carry out more comprehensive and effective cleaning and defense treatment for the carpet of the office and the merchant. Methods for comprehensively cleaning carpets include: aqueous cleaning, steam cleaning, and dry cleaning. In the aspect of carpet and fiber care, the anti-fouling treatment service provided by our company is applicable to all types of carpet and fiber products, and has the effect of resisting dust and dirt.

High-level Cleaning 

Our professional cleaning services by using gondola or high platform for exterior cleaning work and other machine for technical cleaning treatment

In-house cleaning services 

The company launched a series of in-house cleaning services (including after refit cleaning to meet the customer’s requirements for the living environment. The staff is well-trained and mainly cleans and organizes the living room for customers, in order to provide customers with a clean and comfortable living environment.