Projects References

Our company has various professional cleaning expertise to provide services to diversity of clients and projects including residential communities, large real estates, Commercial complex, international chained stores and department stores. Notwithstanding diversification of our services, the operational performance is constantly under review by our management office

  • Tian An Center
  • One Tian An Place
  • Shanghai The Second Food Store
  • Shanghai Changqing Life Community
  • Suez Environment Ltd. 
  • CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited
  • Beijing Zhongliufu Human Resource Center
  • Kingsoft Internet Security Coporation Limited 
  • Cheng Xi Ge Postpartum Care Centre
  • Shanghai Park Apartments
  • 1000 Trees
  • Shanghai New Road Food Company
  • Shanghai Huifeng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. 
  • IRI Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
  • Hughes-Castell(Beijing)Limited
  • Malaysia Airlines Berhad Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Kaixuanmen Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Racquet Club and Apartments
  • Yunzhou Curic City
  • Hongkou Tian An Cyber Park
  • Changtaixing(Shanghai)Investment Mangement Co., Ltd. 
  • Shanghai Golden Arrow Consulting Co., Ltd
  • Fujikura Hong Kong Limited 
  • Shanghai Suo-Lu Engineering Co., Ltd.


  • Beijing Park Apartments
  • Beijing Hiersun Diamond
  • Beijing Solana


  • Eka Garden


  • Grand Ocean
  • Huanyu Shijia Commercial Plaza
  • Nanjing Shilin Department Store


  • Tian An Garden


  • Changchun Tian An City One
  • Changchun Lund Dynasty Court
  • The Residences at UrbanOak
  • Changchun Henju On
  • Changchun Yunhu Mansion


  • Tian An Sun Life City
  • Tian An Li 


  • Dongguan Long Island Golf and Country Club
  • H&M/COS/ARKET Stores
  • GAP/OLD NAVY Stores